• Women's Health and Fitness Program

    Get in the best shape of your life

  • Women's Health and Fitness Program

    Lose weight / Tone your body

Lose weight / tone your body / get in the best shape of your life

Get ready to experience great results with our one-of-a-kind training circuits! No matter what your goal is: Weight Loss, building a toned and firm body, or simply becoming healthier; we got you covered.

This program was created to help women from all ages, all levels and from all walks of life exercise with the most efficient training tool there is. Our programs are tried-and-tested and have been used for over 20 years with clients. They are simply incredible.

With a monthly membership you get delivered each month (every 30 days) in your inbox:

  • Access to the First Step Fitness for Women Facebook community where you can ask our experts questions and learn about all things exercising, weight loss and nutrition.

This is a unique, high-value package; for only 19.90$/month!

Join us now and start your fitness journey with us today.

What people have to say about our program

Turning 50 isn’t easy on body nor mind - I wanted to embrace it with a smile, and be a positive role model for my daughters. So I joined First Step Fitness Training. After just a few weeks working the circuits, their guidance, positive approach and profound knowledge of training, I found myself LOVING my body again! The workouts, the training circuits and nutritional information are all adapted to my age and level. They’re effective and possible to achieve, not to mention so much fun! Thank you guys!
Nina Mastropietro
Director, Relonat Inc.

Welcome to First Step Fitness

At First Step Fitness, our mission is to make exercise and weight loss accessible and easy to both men and women to improve their health, body and mind with quality resources and training tools for the layman and the beginner.

We created First Step Fitness to help those who feel lost with all the information that is available and to help those who feel frustrated from too many failed attempts to lose weight and to integrate exercise in their lives.

We are here for you, from your very First Step to the finish lane, to help you get the body and the health that you want.